Travel the World Through History
and Collecting

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World travel comes in many forms. It can consist of researching while sitting in front of a computer, flipping through the pages of a great resource, making reservations for your next trip to explore a historical and cultural experience, or meeting new people that are interested in rare, historical medals. Become an investor with Tangible Assets LLC and we'll help you find the right way to finance your next adventure and make new friends.


Something can be a great opportunity and a great investment, but if it has advanced "price-wise" past a certain price-point opportunity, it may be too late. For example: something priced at $300 could increase 10-fold to $3,000, but something already at $3,000 may not increase 10-fold to $30,000.

Significant anniversaries or special events throughout the world can increase the value of a medal. Let us assist you with advance notice of these significant opportunities to buy or sell your tangible assets.


Historically speaking, collectibles have more protection and privacy than bullion. Here at Tangible Assets LLC we take pride in our reputation for knowledge, integrity, long-term client relationships, and privacy. 

ready, set, go!

Yes, you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Many of us live hectic, stressful lives, and the dream of having a relaxing, peaceful place to spend time with family and friends seems light years away. Whether you anticipate retreating to a vacation property, zipping across the water on your latest water toy, riding along the highway, hammering up and down the trails, or having the time of your life, Tangible Assets LLC can help you enjoy affordable, portable wealth. Just contact us today to get started!