Diversify 5-20%

Financial experts advise at least 5% of your portfolio should be hard assets. 

What are your Choices?


Gold and silver

You could place that money into commodities such as gold and silver and have the investment subject to the whims of distant traders in London.



Or you could invest your money into collectibles, such as rare wines, antiques, etc. and be hostage to the fads of the moment.

Why Tangible Assets LLC is your Answer


rare,historical MEDALS - YOUR BEST CHOICE!

Combine the real wealth benefits of hard assets with the beauty of fine art work. Determining value (and authenticity) isn't as simple as looking up the daily London Fix for gold, or doing an analysis of financial ratios. At Tangible Assets LLC, we have the ability to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Let us (with over 60 years of combined experience) help you navigate the waters of rare, historical medals purchasing and selling. Contact us today!



Since these assets are tangible, they must be securely stored. It's your choice! Some investors choose to store their assets in a home safe or a bank safety deposit box. Tangible Assets LLC offers our investors the security and discretion of a third-party storage facility for a nominal fee.