Karl Goetz Medals

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Karl Goetz (1875 – 1950) was an German born engraver who produced approximately 800 fine art productions of historic and commemorative medals during a 50+ year time period. During the pre-war period in Paris, Karl's early work was created in the French Art Nouveau styleKarl specialized in portraits of: physicians, industrialists, or religious personalities. According to many sources, these medals are considered his artistically most valuable (but are less known today than his later satirical work.)


Why Choose Goetz medals?

1. Semi-hard asset: a hard asset/collectible art hybrid.

2. Rarity: only a handful of some medals survive.

3. Privacy: Historically speaking, collectibles have more protection
and privacy than bullion.

4. Beauty: Detailed old world craftsmanship.

5. Historical: Reflecting world shaping events and leaders.

6. Political/Satirical: In his most famous work, you will see parallels to today's political skirmishes.

7. Fun: Every medal tells a story.

8. Affordable: Something for virtually every budget.

There's never been a better time to start your collection!