Do you Own Modern High Grade Precious Metal Coins?

The movie star comes on the set, looks at the camera and talks about owning gold and silver for the prudent investor. The actor claims that MS 70 gold or silver high grade coins will hedge against future downturns and economic uncertainty. The famous actor claims he has done so. Sounds good, right? 

Unfortunately, these TV and movie actors and the marketing firms they represent, fail to broach the issue that in order for a modern coin to be an MS 70, it must have been minted yesterday, which is exactly the case. The reason that the coin is pristine and perfect is because it is only a few days old and never touched by any human, only the machine that stamped out the coin. Secondly, the marketers of such coins also fail to mention that the modern gold or silver coin is also marked up as much as 600% over cost. While the bullion value of these modern coins do have precious metal value, it is typically nowhere near what one paid for the asset. Investors that seek to sell these assets later are typically shocked to learn they have taken a bath, not created a hedge.

We at Tangible Assets LLC have a solution for these problems. Via industry and legal alliances, we are often able to recover all or substantially all of ones costs from these transactions. Those who find themselves in this problematic dilemma should contact Tangible Assets LLC to discuss a solution. We recently dealt with an investor that had invested $400,000 in modern precious metal coins only to find his bullion redemption value closer to $100,000. We were able address this dilemma and recover 100% of the cost for this investor.