5 Questions & Answers - Part 2


Rare collectible tangible assets offer a strong value proposition

  • Solid assets with intrinsic value
  • Proven performance and appreciation over the long haul
  • Hedge against Inflation and deflation
  • Safety and portability
  • Private portable wealth

Illustrative Asset Returns 2006 – 2016 (Bloomberg 2016)
Rare Investment Grade Coins

10 Year Price Increase 225% (8.13% Compound Rate)
Last 12 Months 9%

Rare Stamps
10 Year Price Increase 255% (9.39% Compound Rate)
Last 12 Months 7%

Rare Commemorative Medals
10 Year Price Increase 250% (9% Compound Rate) Last 12 Months 12%+


Q: What are rare historical investment grade commemorative medals?

A:  A sub-set of rare coins are rare commemorative medals. (Not to be confused with metals). Antique rare, historical, commemorative medals were hand-made medal creations of various world artisans that were primarily created from the early 1800’s through the 1960’s. These artists sought to make medals that spoke to any number of political and even mundane issues of everyday life. Some were political, satirical, commemorative, shooting contests and even familial issues such as weddings or anniversaries. A number of amazing artists have created collectible artistic medals in the last 200 years. These creations have become quite collectible and valuable.


Q: Who was Karl Goetz?

A:  One particular German medalist was Karl Goetz (1875 – 1950). Goetz dealt in commemorative medals over a long and prolific career. Goetz is thought to have created between 800 – 1,000 various medals that make amazing collectible tangible assets. Goetz was most active from around 1900 – 1945.

Karl Goetz created cast medals that he sold commercially. He also would work with the State Mint and had many of the medals he created struck similarly to official German coins. Additionally a customer might bring in the family silver or gold to provide the precious metal for the medals that they were buying via a custom order. Goetz might either create political or even satirical medals to commemorate important events around the world at the time, or Goetz might find a commercially “hot” topic from the 1900s through World War II. Goetz would also have customers come to him and he would create medals honoring a graduation, a birth, a wedding, anniversary, or other familial topics. These medals have become extremely collectible and valuable over the last 100 years.