5 Questions & Answers - Part 3


Q:  What Returns are Possible? 

A:  Commemorative medals may offer attractive returns for investors. Via selective purchasing and market knowledge of various world markets, one can maintain a superior compound annual growth rates of return. Some rare medals appreciate well in excess over other collectibles.  Additionally, even in 2017, some elements of the world coin and medals markets are in fact inefficient. Medals are sold and purchased via auctions, private sales, and conventions, via professional dealers, eBay, other online Internet sites and even estate sales.

Although these markets are varied, there are no centralized clearing houses, markets or web sites. The majority of the industry is still phone and fax! These inefficiencies create the ability to source under market pricing with develop above market yields.

The bottom line is that rare medals offer fun, history, enjoyment, yield, value and appreciation, all rolled into one unique hedge!